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Dear crew member, we want you to live this experience to the fullest.
We are eager to see you and we want to remind you of everything we have for you.

Marine Challenges

Challenge the Marine Challenges! Come to know an amazing trampoline park and games inside the Michin Aquarium, activate your body and have fun in the best environment.
Your tour will never be the same again when you live these adventures, here you can jump, climb, overcome obstacles, play laser tag and demonstrate your player skills as you have never done before.
Meet the best place for children in Guadalajara, live an incredible experience suitable for all ages and enjoy an ideal environment for the whole family.

Live an adventure full of adrenaline in a unique space, buy your tickets and enjoy:


Don’t stop jumping and having fun on these incredible trampolines.


Challenge the obstacles of this attraction and show your ninja skills.

Combate Marino
Combate Marino

Show your aim and fight enemies.


Conquer the top and show your strength by climbing this fun wall.


For gamers! Come and show your skills on the console.

Are you coming in a group?

We have packages and special prices for you.

    Increase the fun and complement your experience with one of our activities.
    Shop, schedule and have fun.


    Alimentación de rayas marinas

    Marine rays feeding

    Feed these incredible animals with your bare hands, watch them swim up close and know their skin texture. It is an activity that you cannot miss during your visit. Cost and schedules.

    Alimentación de cocodrilos

    Crocodile feeding

    Feel the adrenaline rush of feeding these majestic animals, enter their habitat and discover why they are so admired. Cost and schedules.

    Inmersión con tiburones

    Dive with sharks

    Imagine experiencing a moment of great adrenaline while diving into the shark tank. Come to Aquarium MICHIN to live this unique experience, get to know the impressive species of Aquarium MICHIN up close.


    Interaction with giant rabbits

    Feed these cute rabbits, learn more about their characteristics and have an unforgettable moment. Cost and schedules.

    Interacción en Mixteca

    Interaction in Mixteca

    In this pavilion you can feed the colorful Australian parakeets in our aviary, you can also feed the carps and tilapias from the palm of your hand, as well as brush and caress different species of goats and sheep. Cost and schedules.


    Michin Aquarium has different perfect spaces to carry out integration activities, training rooms and a unique space to celebrate the achievements of your collaborators. Likewise, we offer different benefits for companies that decide to join our mission of caring for and conserving the planet.


    Romantic dinner

    Come and live an unforgettable experience with your partner, give a unique moment and leave a memory that will last forever.
    Surprise your partner by dining in an exclusive space for you, where you will be surrounded by incredible species such as sharks, rays, and fish.
    Includes: Private aquarium, 3-hour stay, access to the aquarium, 3-course dinner with a menu to choose from, furniture, special decoration, ambient music, a bottle of red wine and 2 glasses for toasts.

    Cena Romántica

    Children's parties

    Have an amazing birthday at Michin Aquarium!
    Make your child enjoy a unique and surprising birthday inside a unique Aquarium. Here, in addition to celebrating his birthday, he can meet amazing species, do activities and more.
    Get your Fiesta Michin or Fiesta Michin Fest package, both designed for the fun of your little one.
    Save it now!


    MICHIN Club

    Have a great time with our activities on the technical advice day. 

    ¡See you in 2022!

    Also business tours, children’s day, mother’s day, etc.

    Consult participating agreements